ABSOLUTE DOES NOT STOP. The Italian shipyard keeps amazing.




The Italian shipyard keeps amazing.



In the pioneering shipyard of Piacenza, the ambitious striving for the absolute goes on. 

Thanks to the work of a team who takes at the first place progress and a constant quest for innovation, features that made the Italian company famous worldwide, the 62 Fly is finally arrived: the new born is a combination of comfort, functionality and beauty. 

Already launched during the Boot Düsseldorf 2019, Absolute 62 Fly boasts three wide cabins fully functional, all equipped with private toilet and shower. There is also a fourth cabin, at the owner’s disposal, equipped with twin beds, that can be used for the guests or for the crew cabin. 

The internal spaces, studied in every little detail, ensure the best comfort, without forgetting style and functionality. The living area includes the galley, finely refined and equipped, and the salon. This last area, flawlessly furnished, is cosy and elegant, and makes you feel on board of a bigger yacht. The Absolute 62 Fly, just as the other models of the shipyard, shows refined materials which enhance the style and the unique elegance of Made in Italy.


The engines are Volvo of course, the longstanding partner of Absolute shipyard.


For this model, the selected IPS-950 D11 with tractor propellers, ensures excellent performances from the consumption, and manoeuvrability points of view, as well as a total absence of vibrations and noises during navigation, thanks to the innovative constructive system conceived by Absolute: the so-called ISS (Integrated Structural System), which makes the Italian company one of the most pioneering shipyard of the world.

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