Absolute Weekend Portopiccolo


May 13th and 14th: Absolute Weekend.

The launch of the Absolute 58 FLY, the flybridge of both worlds. The simultaneous debut in Portopiccolo and Hong Kong. 

A weekend of presentations, sea-trials and pleasant moments to show the first shipyard’s novelty of 2017. A double event that took simultaneously place at either side of the world, marked by one soul: the extraordinary Absolute quality.

On Saturday, May 13th and Sunday, May 14th, the Absolute shipyard has been the central focus of the global yachting. For the first time, the presentation of a new model, namely the Absolute 58 FLY, has taken simultaneously place in two harbors tens of thousands of miles from each other: Portopiccolo, Sistiana, 20 miles north of Trieste and Marina Cove – Sai Kung in Hong Kong. 

It was the first trans-global Absolute Weekend. Two days dedicated to customers, fans, insiders and friends of the brand which is contributing to the Italian’s yachting image renovation in the world. They all have had the occasion to admire the most recent model summa of the shipyard’s ability to merge ergonomics and technology with a tricolor style and character.

To celebrate the event, all the Absolute Staff has been involved, starting from Paola Carini and Angelo Gobbi, respectively, Managing Director, as well as “sponsor” of the event, and President. 

The two shipyard’s founders have spent lot of time providing details to the audience: Marcello Bè, Executive Officer Operations Manager and Logistics & Supply Manager and Sergio Maggi, Vice-President of the Brand, Head of Research & Development and Manager of all the Absolute’s models development – inter alia the Absolute 58 FLY. Cesare Mastroianni, VP Sales & CCO, Manager of the Absolute global network, has presented all the special features of the Absolute 58 FLY.

Patrizia Gobbi, Absolute Sales & Marketing Manager, as well as Communications and Events Officer, has been managing the complex Europe-Asia organization.

Since one of the characterizing technical element of this new flybridge is the Volvo Penta IPS 800 propulsion, also the Managers of the Swedish company have been brought into play. Nicola Pomi, Head of Volvo Penta Italia and Giorgio Paris, Head of Volvo Penta Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific, have explained the synergistically efforts between the company in Göteborg and the shipyard in Podenzano to find the best performance/consumption ratio. 

In the meantime, during the celebration organized in the modern recreational port of Marina Cove, in the China coasts, three guests of the event have been doing the honors for the large audience of the Celestial Empire: Thomas Woo of Absolute Marine Limited, Absolute Dealer in Hong Kong; Steven Ding, VicePresident, Sales&Marketing of Volvo Penta for Chinese market; and Jessica Choi, head of English Department of YMCA Hong Kong Christian College, moderator and anchor of the event.

Both events have been broadcasted live on Absolute social networks, to seal the proximity between the two events despite the geographical distance, even thanks to the opportunities offered by the web. This let almost ten-thousands people be witness of the double meeting.

The new-born wasn’t the only character of the event. In the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia’s waters, the shipyard has displayed also other three models of its range, together with the 58 FLY: two models of the Navetta range, 58 and 52 and the Flybridge range flagship, 72 FLY. 

As President Gobbi himself has announced during the highlights of the Christening, “the 58 FLY isn’t the only Absolute novelty of 2017. During the next Yachting Festival Cannes, from 12th to 17th September, the Navetta 73 – currently under construction - will make her official debut.